Past Events

2019 – InaHF National Workshop (Jakarta)HF burden in Indonesia
Decongestive Treatment in HF
Case Decongestive (limited access)
Practical Use of Beta Blockers in Advanced HF
Case Beta Blockers (limited access)
Hyperglycemia Management in Cardiometabolic Disease
Case Hyperglycemia (limited access)
Navigating Your Acute Heart Failure Patient
Case Acute HF (limited access)
Optimizing HF Treatment before Discharge
Case Optimizing HF Treatment (limited access)
Hypertensive Care Beyond BP Control Evidence for treatment with comorbid conditions
Case Hypertensive Care (limited access)
Role of Combination Therapy in Lipid Management
Lipid management to Reduce CV risk
Initiating ARNI in Hospitalized Heart Failure Patient
Case Initiating ARNI (limited access)
Glycemic Control in Cardiovascular Disease
Basal and Prandial Insulin-How to Start
2019 – HF Clinic Summit (Harapan Kita Jakarta)EBM Updates in HF Management
Disease management in HF
Intensive Care Management of AHF in ACS
Devices in HF
Surgical Advancement and Stem Cell Therapy in HF
Building a HF Clinic
Integrated Case in HF Clinic (limited access)
2018 – HF Summit (Pekanbaru)challenges in HF
Acute HF
Comorbidities in HF
A New Hope in Heart Failure Management
2018 – InaHF National Workshop (Jakarta)Clinical Dilemma in Stable CHF
Beta Blocker- How Far Can We Go in Advanced Heart Failure
HR & HF Hospitalization
Managing Heart Failure in Elderly
Hyponatremia in HF
Anticoagulant in Heart Failure
2017 – Joglosemar HF Workshop (Solo)Joglosemar Challenges in Diagnosis
Joglosemar Acute Heart Failure
Acute HF Case (limited access)
Joglosemar Chronic HF
Chronic HF Case (limited access)
Co-Morbid in HF
Comorbid HF Case – 1 (limited access)
Comorbid HF Case – 2 (limited access)
2017 – InaHF National Workshop (Jakarta)Challenge in Treatment of HF – Focus on Elderly
A New Hope in Heart Failure Management
Role of BB Advanced HF
Heart Failure Hospitalization – Key Moment to OPTIMIZE Care
How to Overcome Diuretic Resistance in Heart Failure
PH due to Left Heart Disease
2016 – InaHF National Workshop (Jakarta)Introduction of Heart Failure
ST2 in Heart Failure
Non invasive Monitoring in HF
Heart Rate Management
Challenges of Beta Blockers in Heart Failure Management
Rationales and Safety of BB in HFrEF
Hyponatremia in HF and Diuretic Resistance